Ajrak is the Sindhi name given for a blockprinted fabric often used for shawls.  The print features bold shapes and patterns made using carved blocks of wood.  Commonly, these patterns are stamped onto the fabric in red, blue, black, yellow and green.  It takes a great deal of patience to create these ajrak shawls.  The print starts with a base pattern and gets stamped with intricate details in different inks.

We have one such ajrak shawl in our studio and it makes for a beautiful background!  Here are some photos of Nitasha's henna work, featuring "Ajrak"!

If you like the look of ajrak, you can order a shawl or scarf of your own!  Please visit Maiwa to order.  http://www.maiwa.com/home/accessories/shawls/ajrakh/index.html

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