Bridezilla is a colloquial term for a difficult bride.  For some reason, there are a few women out there who go completely bonkers between the proposal and the “I do!”  We had the opportunity to work with someone of similar nature, towards the beginning of the 2012 wedding season.  In February, we got a call from a kind lady wanting to book a henna party package (3 hours of unlimited henna application).  At the end of the conversation, she slipped in a comment that should have given us red flags… “oh yes, please also bring some bridal designs.”  

On April 4th, Nitasha, again, walked into a private booking for a “party.”  Instead of a group of people waiting anxiously to get their designs, she was greeted with two women--one of which was scarfing up food, while the other seemed distracted.  Within minutes of arriving at this house, Nitasha realized that it wasn’t a party she was hired for, it was a bride!  Of course that is a little nerve racking and irritating when a client doesn’t expose full details on the event.  Nerve racking and irritating because there was no preparation for a bridal henna application.  None the less, our artist stayed calm and did the application for the bride.  Luckily, the bride was too occupied with the details for the reception to notice that Nitasha was put off a little.  

The bride (whom we refer to as the bride, because we still do not know her name), was a little bit on the controlling side (“control freak” would be more appropriate here).  Instead of talking to the artist and photographer present (Isabela graciously came along to take photos), the bridezilla was getting tense over minor details for the reception.  In the middle of the phone conversation with the hall manager and her husband, she would interrupt the henna application with questions and comments on minor details, like a dot here, and a swirl there.  Finally, after several interruptions, Nitasha had to tell the bride to calm her nerves if she wants to complete the application, because continuous distractions and unrelated questions about the application were really bothersome!  Although it was a difficult application, it was done in fair time, with a little time left over for small henna designs for the guests.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy.  

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