Shauna's Wedding

For a third time, we got to work with Isabela again for another wedding in April.  This wedding was a lot of fun for our team, as we got to spend time with the bride’s jolly and very welcoming family. 
We booked Shauna’s bridal application back in February 2012 for her April wedding.  She was so happy that Henna Art could provide her with all the henna services in a one stop shop.  Nitasha and Ciara did her bridal henna first, and then with the addition of another artist, the power team of three did party henna applications for Shauna’s friends and family.   

Shauna was having both a traditional Hindu ceremony, as well as a Christian ceremony.  It was important for Shauna to take part in the Guianese traditions of henna application, while still being contemporary in her white wedding dress.  We had to do a little bit of coaxing to get Shauna to agree to adding some bling to her henna design, but it was well worth it!  

We like to add a little bit of color and bling to henna to make the most of bridal henna applications.  The colors in the glitter really make the design stand out, and the sparkle get all the guests to “ooh and aah” when they see the bride.  The glitter, of course, is only topical, and will wash off with a bit of soap and water, but is the perfect addition to bridal henna application.  The best part about booking a bridal henna session with Henna Art is that you get to pick your glitter colors to match your attire or color theme.  With only henna on the skin, the glitter and stone accents act like jewelry on the skin.  

Henna has always been used for beautifying purposes, and we have taken it one step ahead with glitter application.  It’s an awesome way to make your wedding more memorable and special.  And everytime we do glitter and stone accents, we always get asked “is that going to stay for the wedding?”  We are actually considering making a sign letting guests know that the glitter is only on for the day and will not stay on for the wedding.  An no, the stones won’t stay on either!

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