Peacock Themed Wedding

Peacocks are a special symbol in henna.  Peacocks represent loyalty and beauty, and are common symbols in Indian henna designs, especially bridal henna designs.  We love incorporating peacocks in our designs—from feathers to the royal bird itself.  When our artist showed up for Zara’s Calgary wedding, she was happy and surprised to see the rich colors from the elegant bird and feathers.  

Zara initially contacted us back in October 2011 for her June 2012 wedding.  This was the perfect time, because it was a wedding we traveled to in Calgary.  We love it when brides book their henna well in advance.   This gives us a chance to save the date for the bride, and gives plenty of time for a consultation and proper planning, and to coordinate glitter colors with the bride.  Zara opted to have glitter matching her attire for her mehndi day.

After doing Zara’s bridal henna and glitter accents, Nitasha commuted to a local Punjabi restaurant where the family continued the festivities and traditions.  One ceremony that the family conducted was the “pineapple ceremony,” also known as the Mandhvo.  At the mandhvo, four men, preferably the bride’s uncles (mother’s brothers) bring pineapplies or sugarcane to the bride’s house and place them in the four corners of the room.  This is meant as a symbol of protection from evil entering the home.  

After cruising through Zara’s bridal henna photos, come back next week to read about Ismaili wedding traditions.  It is believed that many of the Ismaili traditions are rooted in Hindu traditions, so there is a slight overlap of ceremonies and rituals between the two religions.  Enjoy! 

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