Quite a Deal!

It was quite a shock when we learned that an Edmonton artist, without a business license or registration, had overcharged a family for bridal and party henna.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and so is the henna, but not literally.  When Henna Art committed to offering the best bridal and wedding services we could offer, we also took a pledge to make it all affordable for any budget.  We offer three different bridal henna packages for the bride, and offer various options for the wedding party.  If you stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, or sign up for our Newsletter, you can get great deals when it comes time to book your wedding henna services.  

One of the deals we offered in March was to have two artists, for two hours for $200.00.  Rehanna ended up taking advantage of this offer and booked her sister-in-laws bridal henna and party for May 2012.  We met with Rehanna and Andrea on a snowy day at a local Starbucks to discuss the details of their wedding henna services.  After meeting with Nitasha, our bridal henna artist for 2012, Andrea decided to book her simple bridal henna and party henna.  Our goal for the 2012 wedding season was to make it convenient and affordable for individuals to book all of their henna services at a one stop shop.  While our team has done wedding parties for both the groom and bride at different venues, Andrea’s wedding was special.  The bride and groom both had one henna party at Rehanna’s house (the groom’s sister).  And to make things a bit easier, Rehanna’s brother, a famous Toronto photographer, Zaheer, ended up doing the photography for the wedding (check out this award winning photographer's work at www.zmolu.com).  The Henna Art team provided party henna services for the families, and while we thoroughly enjoyed the henna, we enjoyed the family and hospitality even more!

Andrea opted for a contemporary but simple henna design on her hands and feet for her Ismaili ceremony.   While Andrea opted to not have any glitter added to her design, Rehanna’s daughters enjoyed the colorful bling from our glitter poof.

Following the Ismaili wedding and reception in Edmonton, the families were going off the Mexico for a Christian destination wedding the following week.  Two weeks after the wedding, we ran into a couple of the guests and were happy to know that the henna stain was able to withstand the salty and sandy ocean water of Mexico and the chlorine of the resort swimming pool.  

To help make the henna last until the wedding in Mexico, and to keep the henna stain fresh and dark in general, we supply brides with a hand crafted after care balm.  The balm, or solid lotion, contains a plant derived wax to help protect against water damage, and moisture rich and nourishing oils to help the skin stay hydrated.  Just to remind you, henna stains the various layers of skin on our body and penetrates through those layers.  This is why our hands and feet stain the best, because there are lots of layers for the henna paste to penetrate.  The henna starts to fade when our skin exfoliates naturally.  By keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized, it doesn’t exfoliate as quickly, and so the henna stain stays dark and fresh.  Our aftercare balm is part of the bridal aftercare package, but is also available for purchase at private events.  Here is a quick photo of a henna stain a week and two weeks after application.  As always, make sure you are only using natural ingredients with henna body art, including fresh henna powder and pure essential oils.

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