One of the more recent additions to the ancient art of henna is glitter.

Glitter paste has been used more recently in bridal henna designs to add the little bit more bling to the bridal henna design.

Using glitter is one of my favorites in bridal designs (of course in addition to all the intricate details that make up a bridal henna design).  It adds color, which can be matched to the attire the bride to be is wearing the evening of her bridal henna application.  You can also just use the glitter to create a henna design for the bride.  If anyone out there wants to get something like this done, be sure to email me

Doing a complete design in glitter is a more recent idea of bridal henna, and is especially easy for destination weddings, and multi-culture weddings.  Doing the henna design in just glitter allows the bride to easily wash off the glitter paste, should she decide to not have it part of the celebration.  This also allows her to take part in the rituals of henna body art in a traditional South Asian wedding.  Remember, the henna traditionally is meant as a good omen, representing good luck and blessings on the bride to be.  Doing the bridal henna in glitter allows the bride to take part in such omens.

Here is a design using black glitter.  Remember, this is NOT black henna, and you should always stay clear from black henna.  Black henna is dangerous, and can be hazardous to your health.  There is no quick way to get a black henna stain, and in the scenario that a black stain is achieved, it is probably due to harsh chemicals.

There is every once in while where you can achieve a dark henna stain, and that is by using fresh, natural henna.   Next week, I'll share with you some more glitter photos, and tell you a bit more about how to get a dark henna stain.  Adios for now!

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