Mandalas and Motifs

We are so excited to offer this fabulous e-book to our friends, clients, and professional artists.

Mandalas and Motifs is.... a collection of over 70 different mandalas and motifs for henna inspiration.

This book contains traditional mandala designs, traditional (Indo-Arabic) inspired motifs, and modern designs for henna body art.

This book is available for purchase online and is available for immediate download:

This book is for beginners and professional artists who...
--are looking to do more festival type events
--are looking to do more traditional inspired designs
--are looking to have a portfolio for clients to quickly choose from
--are looking to expand their current design options
--are wanting to experiment and develop their henna application skills
--are wanting a go-to book for days of brain blocks
--are interested in growing their client base by doing traditoinal designs
--are looking for inspiration for small events and wedding parties
--know the value of art!

Here is a sample page of the modern motifs.  These designs are so small and easy to do, that they are quick for small parties, great for festivals for those long line ups, and excellent for a good mix of tradition and modernity.

Some of the designs have been left open for shading, filling in or leaving blank, while other designs are fully detailed so you have no thinking to do! 

You can use the designs in this e-book to do small henna designs, or use them as the main motif for a hand or foot design.  Here are some examples of the motifs used from the book and applied as larger design pieces.

Small designs are perfect for quick events and are awesome with bright and sparkly glitter!

Mandalas and Motifs is a design book drawn and compiled by Nitasha--an artist with Henna Art in Edmonton, AB.  


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