Sonia weds Harman

Sonia was a beautiful bride.  She reminded us of an Indian Princess doll, that accidentally turned human.  Although a nurse by profession, we all thought that Sonia belonged in a large Indian mansion, with people serving her every moment.  By no means did Sonia act like a princess at all!  She was probably the most down to earth, friendly bride of the 2013 season. 

Their wedding was a four day feast and celebration that both the families were happy to be a part of.

With dinners for out of town guests and family on Wednesday, the celebrations began.  On Thursday was the henna night, or Mehndi Raat for both Sonia and Harman.  Sonia got her bridal henna done early in the afternoon, with a short photo session prior to leaving for the celebration hall. 

Thursday evening, Harman's family celebrated their henna night in the Millwoods home.  With the Jaggo ceremony happening the same time as the henna application, the guests were all filled with a lot of excitement.  It even became a little difficult for Justine and Nitasha to keep the guests still enough to finish a simple bail design.  With the loud Punjabi music, the party was pumping!

But this was totally comparable to the henna party that Sonia's family had on Friday evening.  The mehndi party was held at the Devon Botanic Gardens, just outside Edmonton.  The wedding decorations were beautiful, does not do justice!

The mehndi party even had a traditional Rangoli design made by the close female members of the family. A rangoli is a design made outside of an entrance-way to a home in order to bless the home, create a positive environment, and to bring good luck and good omens to the family.

A special thanks to both Sonia and Harman's family for having Henna Art be a part of their celebrations.  A great thanks to Buffy Goodman Photography for capturing the beautiful wedding, amazing colors, and happiness!

Here are some photos of Sonia's bridal henna stain!  Remember, we only use all natural henna made with organic Indian henna powder, essential oils, lemon juice, and sugar.  No nasty checmicals and ALWAYS PPD free!

And, just a fantastic thing that had to be shared!  Check out how cute Sonia's flowers look!  What a creative way to embellish jewelry!