Mirror, Mirror on the hands

This week's Workshop Wednesday is a bit different and simple.  Nitasha will outline a few tips and tricks for doing symmetrical, mirrored designs, especially for bridal henna.

Here are her thoughts:

I have no formal art background, so it took me some time to get used to replicating and mirroring things on the body.  Mirroring is most frequently used in bridal henna designs.  While some brides are comfortable with a design that flows similar on both hands, it is important for some brides to make sure that their designs are a perfect mirror reflection of each other.  This looks beautiful in photos, when both the hands are mirrored.   

Tips to make sure designs are mirrored:

--look for landmarks on the body—take notice of bones, creases, knuckles.  Use these as guidelines for laying out your henna pattern.

--I am right handed, so I tend to work from right to left so the design is visible when you are creating the mirror image.

--it takes practice, so just make sure you practice a lot.  Remember, practice makes permanent, so practice hard, and practice right!

--mirror designs take careful observation—take a look at what you are doing.  Do not get too bogged down with making the mirror perfect, but keep looking at the designs and make sure you are replicating it as close as possible.
May 2012

May 2013
--Don’t be too concerned about an exact mirror.  Most people’s bodies are different, so it is nearly impossible to make both sides of the arms or legs look like perfect reflections.  

--Keep the continuity of the lines and patterns similar.  Keep the patterns nice and clean. 
The designs are not exactly the same, but they flow similarly

--Do not attempt to make the pattern different from each other.  This is more important when working on bridal feet designs.  Since the feet are seen next to each other, a huge variation in patterns will be noticeable.  A slight variation in patterns in less noticeable in the hands since the arms are separated by the body. 

--Move away from the design to make sure that the designs are mirrored.  Taking a look at a large piece from a distance will put the whole pattern into perspective.

--take a rough sketch or drawing with you that already has a mirror image.  This helps keep things in perspective and you are able to plan your application.  (FYI-Want the designs below?  They are part of an ebook with 15 bridal designs Bridal Inspirations Volume 1)

Enjoy doing mirror images.  If you absolutely cannot do it, let your client know that it is not your specialty.  Explain to your clients that you will do the best you can, but cannot guarantee that it will be an exact mirror image.  

 Do what you love!  

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