Neilin's Bridal Henna

One of the best parts about doing bridal henna early in the day is the chance to meet with and hangout with the bride and her family before the craziness from the wedding festivities becomes overwhelming!

While our team did some henna for Neilin and her husband-to-be's family, Nitasha has the chance to do Neilin's bridal henna early in the day. 

Starting the application with the feet allowed the bride to relax a bit before a crazy and hectic day of celebrations and rituals. 

The bridal feet were followed by henna application on both sides of both arms.

And the bridal application happily ended with take out Chinese food from a nearby restaurant!

Later in the evening, the team at Henna Art divided and conquered the massive wedding party at The Palace Banquet Hall in Edmonton.  With about 200 guests, half of which were women, we all went a little crazy doing as much henna as we possibly could in the three hours time. 

As always, the henna insanity ended for us all with delicious food, dance and music, as well as scrumptious dessert and chai!

Ah, how we love Indian weddings!

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