My Sister's Wedding

Hello friends!  It's Nitasha and I'll be sharing the henna from my sister's wedding.  Just want to mention that photos are courtesy of Michael Mallory Photography.  Henna products were acquired from Henna Art (

The best part of doing henna for a living is that you can henna up friends and family.  However, at the same time, it is a little nerve-racking knowing that your family probably expect the best.  While a henna artist will do their best henna work all the time, sometimes there is a lot of pressure when the henna is being applied on someone that you know.  This was my situation this past June.

My sister was getting married in the states, and it was important for me to apply her bridal mehndi.  And although she was a little bit lost on what she wanted, she also knew the things that she absolutely did not want.  She wasn't too into the checkerboard fillers, peacocks, or random designs.  She did want a banded design, something with flowers and paisleys, and the design to be full on the hands but only a little bit on the feet.  She wanted a flower and paisley motif on the feet without it being too much, or going around the feet, or too much on the toes.  The hands and arms she gave me a free reign.  And so I worked about 4 hours on her hands and arms to make a design that she loved.  And by the time I was done with her feet, she was in love with the design that was applied.

Bridal mehndi-back of hands before glitter application.

Simple bridal henna feet

Another thing that my sister was certain about was that she wanted glitter to match her attire.  With a gorgeous Pakistani style Anarkali in navy, brown and gold, she got exactly what she wanted.  
Bridal henna with gold glitter.

Simple bridal mehndi feet with blue and gold glitter.

 As always, all natural henna was used.  The mehndi used was Organic Indian (Raj) Henna mixed with essential oils (Special Blend).  The aftercare solution was made with 1 part sugar and 2 parts lemon juice. The stain was a beautiful reddish orange about 24 hours after application (photo below), and a deep burgundy 48 hours after application (sorry, no photo).

Bridal henna stain using organic henna powder and a special blend of essential oils.

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