Henna University 2015

When can you put henna, yoga, hands on workshops and a local gathering together? Henna Art will be hosting Henna University Canada!  This weekend will be filled with tutorials, workshops and activities all related to henna.  Whether you have never tried henna, or have been playing with it for some time now, this weekend has something in store for everyone!

Registration is limited to only 12 students. Students between the ages of 12-16 are welcome to attend with an attending adult. Registration gives you full access to the workshops, Yoga in the morning, and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.



Henna University Canada is a not-for-profit effort in spreading safe and artistic henna love.  Inspired by conferences held in the US, we saw a lack of a henna collective in Canada.  Henna University is a volunteered effort in bringing together Canadian henna artists and aspiring artists. The workshops focus on developing skills and encouraging aspiring artists, while giving the tools and techniques to excel in this ancient art form. We believe in the fact that you can grow and learn something new everyday, so all the instructors are also students. 
The revenues collected from our courses are used to pay for facility rentals, instructors and assistants, marketing, and scholarships.  If you, or someone you know would like to register for one of the courses, but cannot afford to, or would like financial aid, please let us know. All the supplies used for this course are donated by Henna Art. Your continued support helps us do great things! 


Full day workshops for beginners and expert artist. Learn basic skills or brush up on advanced techniques. Small session break out groups to focus on henna specifics and give you expert, individual attention.
We will start the day with yoga (optional) and lunch will be provided.  This full day workshop course will offer you various subjects for henna body art. Are you a beginner and just want to learn the basics? We have workshops from cone rolling, paste perfection, and design drills that will get you going. Are you more advanced and want to improve your skills as your pursue your passion? We have specific workshops focusing on techniques, design theories and motifs to help refine your application skills. Whether you love peacocks and paisleys, or just want to dig into geometric elements, our full day workshops will keep things interesting for everyone, no matter what your skill level.
Henna intensive workshop day focusing on using your henna expertise for practical henna applications, building your portfolio, and becoming a professional henna artist. Workshops will focus on skills acquired by both beginner and advanced artists.
Starting the day off with yoga will make Sunday filled with positive energy. Our second day of workshops will focus on improving your newly acquired henna skills. Students will have the opportuty to apply henna and learn how to use henna in practical scenarios. We will incorporate topics of social media, blogging, portfolio building, setting private appointments, and henna as a business for all attendees. You will also have the opportunity to go over various application techniques like pressure control, shading, and detailed fillings.  This workshop day will force you out of your comfort zone and make you jump into doing henna styles that are out of the ordinary and completely unique to your portfolio. While saying goodbye will be hard for newly built friendships, we will depart with a group photo to keep our memories lasting!

Henna University instructors are dedicated henna artists who have donated their time and energy in making this weekend happen. Our Henna University Alberta instructors are professional henna artists from Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer. It is the professional expertise, passion, and commitment which bring the team of Henna University together to make this happen. This is a first time ever event happening in Canada. 

SEEMA KHAN-owner and artist of Carefully Crafted Henna based in Calgary. 
MARYLEE BUNNER-student at ACAD, art student and an aspiring make up artist based in Calgary and Edmonton 
SARAH KUMAR-mother, baker, entrepreneur, and henna artist based in the Blackfalds area
ERIKA LOVE-graphic artist, early childhood educator, and passionate sacred geometry researcher. 
NITASHA MERCHANT-entrepreneur and manager by day, henna artist and traveller by night. 

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