MEN-do Mehndi too!!

MEN-do Mehndi too!

Most of the time, henna is seen worn by women, and is far more common on brides than grooms.  At many festivals Henna Art attends, we see men come up timidly, with their wives/girlfriends/daughters, and when we ask them if they are getting any henna done, will laugh or look embarrassed like they are being made fun of.  Men.... you are not being made fun of!  Henna is a very inclusive and unifying art form, and can absolutely be enjoyed by men as well! 

What's more manly than some dangerous animals?  Huge Dragons?  Scorpions?  

 This huge scorpion was done by Nitasha

Back pieces will not stain as dark, because there are fewer thick layers of skin than arms, hands, legs, or feet, but back pieces still turn out extremely cool.
This piece done by Janelle

Always wanted a sleeve, but not sure about the permanent commitment to a tattoo?  Henna is NOT a tattoo, but a natural body art.  However, tattoo trial runs have become very popular in the past few years, and it can be a fun way to try out such a dramatic look for just a couple of weeks.  This sleeve was done in two one hour sessions during last summer's festival season!
This sleeve was started by Nitasha, completed by Janelle

Try a shoulder piece, for something that makes you look edgy, but doesn't take up your entire arm.  Loving this geometric, lightning bolt, rosette piece.

 henna piece by Janelle.

Change it up with a bit of a Celtic feel, this was inspired by a Celtic knot.

henna piece by Janelle

Another option for men to enjoy henna?  Henna Art just launched a beard dye and care kit! Check it out at Henna Art's "for men" section, including hair and beard natural color, and beard balm to keep it growing healthy!