Why people like Sheena are the WORST clients to have

Bridezillas  aside, this post is all about the WORST client you could possibly have. Its one thing to have a horrible client from the get go--they behave badly with you, they make you feel uncomfortable from the moment you start to service them, they are just outright rude.  But at the end, they thank you, pay you, and end your client relationship peacefully.  Trust me, there are plenty of those clients too, but they always end peacefully, and you know that the moment you walk out of their home or place, that you will not have to think about them.

Then there are people like Sheena and the lakha (name changed to not completely humiliate these people) family in Edmonton.  They are super sweet to you, have positive conversations with you, and treat you like a guest. They even send you home with a kilo of freshly made indian sweets, as part of their wedding tradition. Brides like Sheena tell all their friends and family at the time that this company is the best, or Nitasha is the best artist, and she (the bride) LOVES the mehndi. So if all of that is completely awesome, what makes Sheena and the Lakhanpa family the worst client?  It's because when it comes time to pay the balance, they turn on their evil side. They delay it for months, then have the nerve to complain about customer service, and then want to spread negative rumours, comments and opinions AFTER the fact. Then, people like Sheena want to say that all of this is said in the name of "feedback".  Sorry lady, but that's like a customer coming to you three months later at the pharmacy you work at, and telling you that your customer service on that particular day sucked. It makes no sense, and this is why brides like Sheena are the worst!  

Nowadays, everything is done in writing, so it's not hard for me to claim what the real story is, so follow along...

Sheena first contacted me back in January 2015, wanting more information about bridal henna. Well, as with other brides, I added her to our mailing list and sent out monthly/bi-weekly newsletters about her bridal Henna, mehndi party, and deposit information. The email address with which she contacted me at was Sheena.rajat@ualberta.ca--you might be think, why would you share someone's email address on a public blog?  That's because this email address DOES NOT EXIST!  Sheena gave me an invalid email address, which I didn't know was not valid until recently. Why would you do that?  Okay, let's give her the benefit of the doubt, and say that it was an accident.... Well, why would you not correct this if you haven't received any communication from your potential bridal and wedding artist? Okay, let's let that one pass too, and say it wasn't a big deal because you had my personal cell number and could communicate with me via text. But, at your consult, why would you say, you are getting my messages and I could send the contract to you to the "wedding"email account.  Should have been a big red flag for me. 

The rest of the communication we had, was done via text--big mistake on my end because I had no formal agreement signed by Sheena. This was essentially the reason why no legal complaints were filed, since there would be no formal agreement, although Sheena didn't deny that she received these services. There was plenty of evidence, written and photographic, that I provided her bridal henna services, and that artists of Henna Art provided her with mehndi party services. 

Here is some of the communication with Sheena. You can read for yourself what our conversations entails and note the date. Sheena's bridal henna was done on JUNE 30, 2015... Take note of the dates the invoices were sent and communication happened. 

The first communication about her NOT paying the balance was sent on August 1st, since I figured some brides forget to check their email when they come back from their honeymoon (again, benefit of the doubt, because who doesn't have a smart phone and email access on it all day and year round?)
I will pay the invoice balance. At this point, her balance was $1047.50 (bridal henna, Sangeet party, travel fee, and four extra hours of guest henna)
Perfect time for her to make a complaint here, but instead, says it was beautiful, and thanks me, and even tells me that her photographer has now loaded the wedding photos onto her blog. Sorry Sheena, you could have complained here if you wanted to. 

Still, had the chance to complain here, but didn't.  Instead, she offered to drop off a cheque, and just now, SEVEN WEEKS after the wedding, wants to question how much henna people got done!  Seriously lady, you expect me to remember that?  I do remember the number of times your dad and brothers came back to get the "om" symbol done because the entire male side of the family was drunk (alledgedly).  Then, I went on to explain what did happen during the mehndi party. 
Sent a copy of the invoice right away, and guess what, didn't get a response, AGAIN!  So about 10 days later, sent ANOTHER MESSAGE via facebook 

After Sending this essage, I also continued communication via text essage, since I knew she could not block me there.  Dated September 4th. 
She responded by saying how "incredibly busy" she has been since the wedding (isn't that the story of all of our lives?)
Sorry lady, you could have said all of this to us when we told you, AT YOUR MEHNDI PARTY, that people are wanting more and your mom agreed and said it was okay to apply more henna on such and such person, even though they weren't your bridesmaids.  Maybe instead of being cheap I, you should have let your guests have more henna. 

Finally, since the cost of actually going to a collections agency was over $3000, I resent her the invoice to reflect what she WANTED to pay instead of what she actually owed. It's okay Lakhanpals, karma is a bitch and it will come back to you a hundred fold in life. 

And then, communication via Facebook continues. This is where her "feedback" came in. 

Okay seriously, you want to say than an EMT DOESNT WORK!  Please stop the bullshit and make the fucking payment. 
Really, lack of customer service?  You mean your lack of wanting to pay a little more for your friend's henna?  Maybe your family was upset because we kept refusing to put more henna on them. Really, your family was this upset that they couldn't address this concern at the time of the party, or even in the SEVERAL weeks following the wedding? How about signing a contract that was sent to you back in March and again in May?  Oh wait, that went to a phony email address. Or how about making a deposit when you were asked to do so in January, and then again in February, and then after our consultation in March and again in April.  Oh yes, that's my fault for trusting Sheena for making a full payment like everyone else does after their wedding. 

What are you still sending messages?  I said goodbye to you, and wished you all the same that you wished on me.  Is that sarcasm-perhaps, but obviously it hurt you enough to make a comment. 

Thank goodness...after 15 weeks I finally got a payment, although partial from what the actual invoice should have been for the Lakhanpa's wedding services. Note for anyone dealing with Sheena, Rajat (sheena's husband)) or the Lakhanpa's.... Make sure you have all your ducks in a row BEFORE you deal with them, otherwise, they will cheat you out of payment for as much and as long as they can. 

As far referrals from you are concerned Sheena.... We NEVER want to deal with any of your family or friends, because if they are associated with people like you, then we don't want to deal with them. 

PLEASE NOTE: this post is presented with written proof of communication with Sheena. The reason the facebook conversations say "facebook user" instead of sheen's name is because she blocked our company profile after sending these,essages (ha, let's talk about immaturity). The same went for Rajat, who also blocked us after we starting to send him invoices in late September.

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