LOVE the Process! .. Finding Your Creativity

Today we are going to talk a little about finding your inner creativity!
We all have it in us, it is the natural process of life and one of the best things we can do to feed our souls. It's been scientifically proven that a creative process eases our mind and relieves stress.. Okay, now I can already hear your responses "but I'm not creative, I don't do artsy things, I can't even draw a stick man" ... I know because I used to say all those things. From a young child in school and doing the typical art classes you are instructed on I soon discovered I was not a naturally artsy person.. I then had my elders also tell me these things "I can't draw, I'm not creative" So this stuck with me when comparing myself to the "artsy" kids in class... and I soon gave up. But what I really wish someone had told me is EVERYONE IS CREATIVE, it is our human nature, some people just need more PRACTICE... after all practice makes perfect.. and as humans we truly can accomplish anything we set our minds to.
As I transitioned into adulthood I became almost envious of my friends who were crafty and always making their own clothes, jewelry,painting and so on and so forth. Determined to find new hobbies in my life I decided what the heck.. I'm going to give this crafting stuff a shot.. why not?!.. what's the worst that can happen?.. and what I quickly discovered was a whole new side of me that was just yearning to be explored and nurtured.
It took me a few years of trying different creative mediums before I found what I really loved to do. From painting, to sewing , to molding clay.. I tried it all.. and through this process I gained a lot of confidence in myself. Through trial and error I also learned to have patience with myself and found working with my hands allowed me to quiet my mind and listen more to my inner self than my monkey mind.
So I know you're probably thinking how does this relate to Henna?!  Wellll some thing I hear all to often from people when working at various markets and events is "I would love to try doing henna it's so beautiful but "I'm not creative , I can't draw.. I could never be as good as you, etc , etc"
So here's the secret... You do not need to be "a natural" at something to do it. Practice, practice, practice. Henna is actually a great place to start getting your feet wet in those creative waters. It involves a lot of repetition and is more in the technique of the cone than in being good at drawing. I started off making some pretty monstrous designs on myself.. luckily it's just temporary. After a few months of continuous practice I am gaining more confidence in my skills every day.. and finding inspiration through others art on a constant basis! Thanks to the guidance of the wonderful Nitasha and other members of the Henna Art Team I am slowly graduating to a real life henna artist! Now the hardest part of the whole process has become finding the patience for the old stain to fade before doing a new design. lol
So moral of the story I encourage you all to step out side of those limiting beliefs you hold about yourselves, to stop the self sabotaging and go out and DO THAT THING! Like say perhaps buying those henna cones you were interested in and having a little mehndi party. Whatever it is JUST DO IT.
Like I said.. It took me years of trial and error .. but my JOB , my real life job is working for an amazing small business exploring my creativity and selling my handmade jewelry creations.. Which if you would have told me say 5 years ago that this is what I would have been doing now I would have laughed and said yah SURREEE only in my dreams... Something the school of life has taught me is to dream big, and always do the things you think you couldn't, you just might surprise yourself with what you actually CAN do. The universe is always conspiring to support you, but you need to make the first step in believing in yourself.I will leave you with one parting sentiment , translated from the Ancient people of Hawaii that has stuck with me over these years of creating and growing
"IKE~KALA"-  "The world is what you think, there are no limits" 

Thanks for reading! May you all have a beautiful creative weekend !

Just playing around. This is our Organic Special blend
Just Jamila'ing around-  Jamila has a great flow and has been great for learning
First henna'ing on someone not myself. My hand was shaking the whole time lol
One of the first designs I was proud of!

Another One of my first customers. So Different doing it on other people and not yourself! Gaining confidence though!

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