Henna Drawings and Watercolor Paper

February is the best time to simply upgrade, refresh, re set and recharge.  It doesn't matter what part of the world you are in, or what profession, or what age!  It's 4 short weeks (with a super awesome bonus day this #leapyear), making the goal setting, recharging and refreshing a very easy to follow and do-able task.  So this is what we are up to this month.  DRAWING, DRAWING, DRAWING!  Yes, it's so important to take the time to actually do henna as well, but drawing makes you refresh a new set of muscles in your hands.  It helps you plan out and strategize your art.  Plus, who doesn't want to just doodle with a pen on some pretty watercolor paper?  How do we plan to refresh, recharge, upgrade and reset? 
Here's how: 
REFRESH:  wipe down all supplies and tools, clean out and take out the things we don't really use or need, wipe down all storage containers and items.  We are going to use a plant based, environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable cleaner for that.  The fragrance is with essential oils so no harsh chemicals or smells. 

RECHARGE: go through all design books and festival supplies to replace torn or damaged pages and items.  Go through the laptop for files that are not being used, photos that are not going to be posted, and other downloads that are not going to be used again. 

UPGRADE: practicing the art of henna to perfect skills and muscle memory.  #poshhenna2020 and @mehndikajoey's challenge are just the start.  Going out of the comfort zone and doing designs that are not in the normalcy of your art.  Upgrading doesn't mean changing yourself--it just means challenging yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to grow.  Afterall, sometimes being a henna art business owner can get a little redundant. 
This was originally going to be a heart shape, then with the colours of the paper, I changed my mind to make it something more leafy.  I'm not a huge fan of drawing leaves, so I really had to think outside the box to have the leaves on there, without making it look awkward.  There was no pre-sketching with this drawing.  Just the pen and paper, and some netflix and away i went.  #netflixwhileiwork #leafdrawing #watercolor #watercolordrawing #watercolorpaper #hennadrawing #mandalahenna #mandalahennadrawing #krafty
Absolutely love the colors and design on this piece.  It features a mandala with a prominent leaf.  The details of the mandala are sometimes so fine and intricate, while other parts of it are blank.  The contrast of this design helps ease the eyes into the intricacy and simplicity of this design.