Hypafix and Henna

Do you know what a medical tape has in common with henna body art?  Well, this week's tutorial will show you how to use this super awesome, flexible, breathable medical tape with your henna body art.

henna design on hypafix tape.  mandala body art on medical tape.
First, hypafix tape is the name of a medical grade tape that is often used to attach catheters or other medical needles to the body.  It is flexible and stretchable, making it very comfortable to use in the medical world.  But why stop there?  Did you know that you can use hypafix tape with henna and jagua art as well?

Second, hypafix tape is one of the brands available in the medical supply world for body tapes.  This is not the only type of tape available.  You can also use mefix brand tape, which is similar, but contains a different adhesive.  You will also find knockoffs of these types of tapes on amazon and ebay, but we definitely and completely prefer to use hypafix tape.  It's low allergy, and the adhesive is a little bit calmer than the mefix brand..  But, we aren't stopping you from using whichever brand you want.  This is simply a tutorial for using this type of product.  (psst, we also have 12 inch sample pieces available for sale if you aren't convinced yet)  Buy hypafix here:  Buy Hypafix Tape here!!

Third, when used with henna and jagua body art correctly, it can help your henna stain be deeper, last longer, and just simply be more convenient to have henna on the body--yes, anywhere on the body--backs, bellies, necks, arms, legs, etc.

Fourth, the ease of use of this tape, as well as the results it gives will be a complete game changer for yourself and your henna clients.  The tape helps keep the henna on the skin for longer without flaking off. The tape helps keep the henna on your skin without creating the mess.  The tape helps keep the henna stay on your skin without the need to pick it off.  It's the perfect product for those "pickers" who like to scrape off the dried henna paste.  It's also perfect for pre-natal appointments, as the customer doesn't have to leave their shirt up for hours on end--the tape helps secure the henna or jagua on the body, without it flaking off or getting damaged.  This tape is perfect for those hard to stain spots as well--backs, necks, shoulders, arms, thighs.  This tape is honestly a game changer for all those hard to stain and hard to keep protected spots.

So here is how easy it is to use this product.  STEP ONE--the most important step of it all.
Apply the hypafix tape to COMPLETELY DRY henna and jagua body art.  This is *key*
The design has to be completely dry all the way, every single little dot, line, flower, ANYTHING.  It has to be 100% dry, otherwise, the tape will hold in that moisture and the design will bleed and smudge together.  You cannot skip this step, you cannot let it go.  The design has to be completely dry.  When you touch it over and over again, you should have a completely dry piece of art.  The drying time will vary for each person and each design and each location (more humid locations tend to take longer to dry).  If you are using jagua vs henna, the design will take longer to dry.  Again, the key is that the design has to be completely dry to the touch in order for you to use this tape.

You can cut the tape as long as you like, in any width that you want.  Just be sure to cover your entire design with the tape in order to make full use of its functionality. 

 STEP 2:  leave the tape on the skin for at least 4 hours or overnight (8-10 hours).

 STEP 3:  slowly remove the tape in one direction.  It's like pulling off a bandaid, but with less pain.  pull it off slowly and steady.  You will reveal a beautiful design under.  This design will need 24 hours to fully oxidize and darken.
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