Love and Henna

Happy Valentine's Day!  V-day is not just about the love between two people.  It's more than that.  And this week, we were busy making drawings of love.  Using recycled kraft paper, and a black sharpie for the contrast, these drawings are all based on little anecdotes of love.  All of these drawings are henna inspired, featuring elements from traditional and modern mehndi designs. 

It's Valentine's this Friday. So this week, I will focus on love drawings and drawing for love. This heart focuses on the yin and yan of love. You have a side of you that might be soft-your love helps strengthen that. This is not just love for each other and relationship love--it's love of anything. Art is an especially personal way of expressing love. Love can be with yourself, with your art, with your volunteer work, with your thoughts, with your spirit. Love can be with anything you want and should be with everything you have in your life--whether it's the love for a #trinketbox, a #ceramic mug, your paintbrushes, your sofa, the particular #knife, the way your room looks, your favorite shirt, the way your shoelace is tied, the way you say hello, the messy hair, or the 'I don't care' way of living. Love should be in EVERYTHING that you own and do and relate to. That way, love can be your strength and your direction.

Another one for love. This drawing is for the love of all things contrasting. If it weren't for opposites how could we appreciate the difference? If night didn't exist how could we love the day? If cold didn't exist how could we love the warmth. So here's a drawing for the opposites. In this drawing it's all about the dark and light. Floral and geometrical.

This one is of love never found. Recently I ran into my first crush ever from childhood. It was an unexpected meeting and I was really taken aback. For some odd reason, i was all of a sudden brought back to childhood days of having the first crush ever. This meeting lingered in my mind for weeks to follow - I just couldn't shake off the brief encounter. More than that, I had such a hard time trying to shake off the emotions and thoughts that ran through my mind for the days to follow. And then lo an behold, another few months after I ran I to my crush again. Now it's important to note that this person probably doesn't even remember that I ever had a crush during our childhood days. This person is no longer a crush. We have both moved into our lives and at least for myself, I am in a committed and loving marriage that I wouldn't exchange for anything else. It's just the thought that this was love that was never found. My love never found its destination with this person and this person's love never found me as a destination. I was never meant to be the destination. I was never meant to have a path leading that way. It's just strange that after about 20 years feelings of childhood crush can come back. Have you ever ran I to your first crush ever? What was that like for you? It seems trivial, but even as writing this post, I seem to be looking back and thinking of what if scenarios at times. Not because of any unhappiness, but just genuine curiosity.

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