Simply Gorgeous Designs

It has been a while since we offered any new ebooks.  Since changing over to our super streamlined products and new ecommerce provider, we got rid of the ebooks we were selling.  Only to realize that people actually wanted them, and wanted to see more of them.  So, this year, while we all quarantine during Covid19, and try to tread through unknown waters, a day or week at a time, we at Henna Art are determined to give you what you asked for!  E-Books!  

This month, we are featuring an ebook made especially for this month of Ramadan 2020.  Everything this year is going to be strange--events, weddings, parties, get-togethers, and even religious gatherings.  But just because we can't henna you for your henna party or event right now, it doesn't mean that we can extend our henna love to you.  

Simply Gorgeous is the first in its series of designs that are simple and gorgeous.  That doesn't mean that you have to be a professional to use this ebook or apply designs.  This design book is beginner friendly, by offering a plethora of designs to seek inspiration from.  Here is the low-down on our newest ebook.

10+ pages of Simply Gorgeous designs for any type of occasion. This e-book is filled with mehndi designs for the hands and body. E-book contains 8 medium sized designs, 21 hand designs, and several small designs. All the henna designs can be used as inspiration for needle and embroidery, print making, and of course, jagua and mehndi art. This book was created with the occasion of Eid in mind. The hand designs are filled with patterns that are fresh, and bold.

This book is ideal for henna artists who are looking for more complex designs at their private appointments. These designs can be used by the seasoned artist for small party settings. These designs are complex but positioned with a strong contrast. You will find designs willed with geometric patterns, large, bold florals, and intricate filler details.

This ebook will be emailed to you within 48 hours. If you prefer an instant download, please visit our Etsy store:

  • 11 pages
  • 8 medium sized motifs
  • over 10 small sized designs
  • 21 hand designs
  • geometric and floral designs
  • simple layouts
  • easy to do elements
  • beginner and professional friendly
  • ebook format
  • pdf file emailed to you
  • all original designs
  • arabic, indian and modern inspired
  • can be used for other craft projects
And you can always get your hands on this ebook, along with other ebooks coming out later this year on our website: