Jewelry Style Henna

Remember the days a few years ago of jewelry style henna? 

This type of trend was all the rage for a little while. But this was only a trend that didn't last for too long. Jewelry style henna designs is  beautiful to look at because it depicted jewelry on the hands, feet or body.  

Today I'm sharing with you some of our archives from the jewelry style henna that we have done. Jewelry style henna has a collection of chains and small little jewels that come off of the design in order for that element to look like it's jewelry. The patience with this type of design is doing those chain dots or  little jewels and incorporating them in such a way that the jewels and chains fall naturally as it would if you were wearing a real piece of jewelry.  

Here are a few tips on accomplishing jewelry style henna
1-figure out where your chains will fall 
2-how many chains will you have in your design?
3-chain variation and density and placement--asymmetrical or mirror image?
4-apply the design, add chains, and embellish with "jewels"

henna mehndi body art with paste on skin on red background jewelry style mehndi
Original design @HennaArtCanada.

Only a little bit of jewelry here and a big bold ring on the finger
Original design @HennaArtCanada.

This is an example of symmetrical style jewels
Original design @HennaArtCanada.

An example of embellishing with chains and jewels
Original design @HennaArtCanada.

Another jewelry style design with leaves and chain/jewel embellishments
Original design @HennaArtCanada.

A very symmetrical design with mirroring jewels and chains.  The placement of this design makes it easy to make it a symmetrical design.
Chandelier style jewelry design.  Inspiration from Pinterest.  Original artist unknown.

Where does your inspiration for jewelry style henna come from?