You may have read through our blog post from a few years ago about dying your beard with henna and indigo... and if you haven't here it is:

We have introduced a new product for those beard loving fellas in your life.  Our one step, simple mix and application beard dyes are the thing to get!  Here are all the details:


50 grams beard dye mix made with certified organic ingredients. Simply add warm water and mix. Apply to the beard and mustache.

  • 50 grams
  • pre-mixed colours
  • mix with warm water
  • ready to use
  • prepared in small batches for freshest product
  • can be used 1-4 times, depending on length of beard
  • each package is enough coverage for long beards
  • simple to mix instructions
  • one step application
  • range of colour choices
  • organic ingredients
  • added amla powder for conditioning

Our beard dye mixes are the perfect addition for any natural hair care regime for the bearded man. The easy to mix beard dye is a one step application. Each shade is mixed with henna and amla. The added ingredient of indigo helps give darker shades of brown/auburn and black. Amla powder helps condition the hair--helping make the hair feel softer.

Each package comes with super simple instructions--mix each full packet with 1/2 (half) cup of warm water, and apply to the hair. Cover with plastic to keep moist. Wash after 1-8 hours.

Beard dye works the same way as hair dye. Here are some tips and tricks with beard dye:

  • The longer the mix stays on the hair, the deeper the stain will be.
  • Do a full application in the beard. Follow up with a second full application 2 weeks later. Then, apply beard dye as needed (root touch up or full application).
  • How often you apply the beard dye will depend on the growth of your beard hair.
  • This beard dye is semi-permanent. It will not fade like chemical hair dyes.
  • You may find the darker shades get a little bit lighter (this is the case if you expose your beard to excessive water/chlorine/salt water).
  • The beard dye needs 48 hours to fully oxidize, so be patient and try doing the application on your days off
  • Use a balm or oil around your neck and cheek areas to avoid staining.
  • Wear gloves when applying
  • Best to dye before shaving to avoid irritation on the skin


Beard dye is made with natural and organic ingredients, so the shades may vary slightly from person to person. Each shade has amla included in the mix for added moisture and conditioning.

RED: simple organic henna powder for the red headed beard. This mixture contains only henna powder and amla.

LIGHT BROWN: mixed with henna, indigo and amla. One part indigo helps tone down the redness of the henna, and allows you to have a lighter brown shade.

DARK BROWN: a mixture with more indigo to give a darker shade. Added amla and henna help balance out the shade to give you a dark brown colour.

BLACK: This mixture is mostly indigo with a small portion of henna and amla added. This shade will require the 48 hours to oxidize and darken completely. Please note, this shade will look blue-ish black.

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