Henna from the Heart part 1

This week, we will launch a series of blog posts from the heart. They will cover topics like love, friendship, family, living simple, and so much more. 

These posts are meant as a way to share our deep thoughts with those of you interested. They wikl feature our words, a design (or a few) and some things.aboit the design (like where it was inspired, about the elements in the design, a story about the experience, etc).

We hope you enjoy! 

Part 1: Live from your heart

It is only appropriate that part 1 of this series features the topic of living from your heart. Many people fall into routines out of default or because everyone else seems to be doing something, or because it seems like the right thing to do. For example, people often choose careers that their parents wanted them or because of some perceived status or some external measure. Or parents put their kids into certain activities or dress them in certain clothes simply because everyone else is doing it. People buy things like their homes, accessories, clothing, cars, because they feel like they should, for the perceived notion or status that they are striving to achieve. And in many ways people end up living beyond their financial means because they are trying to "keep up with the Joneses".

Living from the heart means that you choose a life and a lifestyle that are true for you and you alone. It means you make important decisions because they resonate with your heart, your values, your desires, and not necessarily with those of others. Living from your heart means that you trust your own instincts more than the pressures from advertising or the expectations of society, neighbors, or friends. Just because you choose to live from your heart it does not mean that you have become a rebel, or break family traditions, or become different from everyone else. It's far more subtle than that. Living from the heart is actually about trusting that quiet voice inside your head, the one that emerges when you deliberately quiet down enough to listen. It's that little voice that speaks to you from a place of wisdom and common sense, instead of distractions and chatter. When you trust your heart rather than your habits, new insights pop into your mind, and these insights can be anything from an idea to move to a different place, the realization of breaking a bad habit, changing how to communicate with the people that you love, and so much more. 

When you don't live from the heart, you end up creating a great deal of internal conflict, which in turn encourages you to become a short-tempered, easily bothered, reactive, and somewhat unhappy individual. Deep down, you know what is true for you, what kind of life you want to be living, the type of person you want to be. By listening to your heart, you can change the inconsistent actions that you are living now, into what you would like to become. Instead of living a life of frustration or stress, you learn to live from your heart, and negative tendencies gradually fade away-- you become happier, calmer, and less stressed. You will be living your life instead of everyone else's. 

Living from your heart is a rather simple decision. And it can start off by doing a few exercises daily. You can meditate, do yoga, or just sit quietly and think about the following: how do I really want to live my life? Am I following my own path or am I doing things that were laid out for me? Am I simply doing things because that's the way I've always done them? Am I living up to someone else's expectations? Rather than trying to come up with an answer --think about it, meditate on it, quiet down your mind and listen to these answers. If you want to become more peaceful and a whole lot happier this is a good place to start.  Living from your heart is one of the foundations of inner peace and personal growth --it encourages you to be a kinder better person.

Living from your heart is not something that should be only done for major decisions.  Rather, a daily and deliberate practice of this is what will guide you to make life style changes necessary to live your life.  

So where does this all tie into henna? It's really simple. Henna from the heart. When you live from the heart it permeates through every aspect of your life. From dealing with your friends, family, neighbors partners, children, coworkers, team members, to shopping lists, things you buy, clothing, accessories, things you keep, things you do, things you create, activities you engage in, etc etc. For many henna artist, the business part of henna started as a big leap into a new adventure. Many henna artists in reality don't even have a business plan that they intend to create or follow. Instead they went into the business of henna because that's what their heart told them to do. Any artist for that matter, delves into the business of art (whether it's selling on Etsy, creating kits, or and teaching workshops) because that is what their heart told them to do. Many artists don't have a plan as to how they're going to start, develop, grow, or nurture their business, nor do they have an exit strategy for the business. All of these things are quite important, but not as important as living from the heart. Lots of henna artist delve into doing henna for money because it seems like the right thing to do, despite any criticism or questioning that an individual might receive. 

Luckily, for many henna artist in North America, the business of henna is actually encouraged by peers and family. There might be a slight minority of people who don't receive the expected support from their friends and family - these are the people that are truly living from the heart. 

Artists in general, are those individuals that live from the heart. They enjoy doing what they're doing, and they do it every day with passion, and live their life that they want to live. There's a very small population of artists that are actually wealthy, like millionaires wealthy. Otherwise take a look at artists around you, are they happy? Most artists seem to be happy, because they are doing what they love, they're living how they want to live, their living from the heart.

Here is the design of something from the heart. Truly from the heart. I'm personally a huge fan of finger gloves. I wrote about it and another blog posts as well which if you want to take a gander you can. I live from the heart when I do designs from my heart. Instead of following what's trendy, what's gone viral, or elements that are super popular, I like to stay towards what I enjoy doing the most. For me personally it's an incorporation of really bold elements like a simple flower or leaf mixed with a balancing juxtapositioning of super fine and intricate elements. That for me is when I live from the heart. But unique layout of course is also something that I love doing. 

Can I always live from the heart when I'm doing henna? In service businesses,  you can't all the time, because at the end of the day you still have a customer or client that you need to satisfy. Perhaps my style of design or design placement is too radical for customer - so you make the customer happy, and when the opportunity arises, you live from the heart and you do what you love. 

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