New gigs for 2021

 Are you looking for a new gig?

We are looking for humans to join our team as

Product distributors
Local pick up personnel

Locations include:
Where ever you are!

Here's more info on the positions:

Product distributors: we are looking for home bodies who love the idea of working independently and want to start a side gig without investing money or too much time. We would power product distributors with our inventory and let them distribute it locally and regionally.  An awesome product distributor seeks out businesses and boutiques to sell our products. A product distributor earns a flat percentage of every sale, a flat fee for every local product pick up, and a commission and fee for every order shipped. A product distributor works from home mostly (with the exception of meeting local business owners at their own discretion), and every once in a while ships out orders. We provide inventory, packaging, and supplies--all you need is a space dedicated to storing inventory and packaging products. A product distributor is good at following a system and using their own creativity to make the customer experience great.

Local pick up personnel (LPP): we are looking for local distributors in major cities and towns with henna fans. LPP are organized busy bodies who love doing quick work for a quick profit. An ideal LPP has a front porch or a place where a customer can come pick up their order. The space required is a shoebox size worth in the freezer and a shoebox size on your desk or working place. When customers place an order in your locale, you package their order and make it available for pick up. You only have inventory for 2 to 3 types of products, so staying organized is super simple. We gear you up with inventory and packaging so you can get started right away. Payout is a flat fee per order pick up.  

Henna artists: we're looking to have henna artist join our team. You make your own hours and set your own rates.  We would just work together to help build and grow the brand of Henna Art. That means, you become (or stay) your own boss, but have a team backing you up to answer emails, help with bookings, and add to social media. Because let's be real, sometimes doing the boring part of a business is something no one really enjoys doing. We are committed to helping artists build their portfolios, streamline their business, be more efficient with their workflow, market their services, and use our products to promote and sell quality henna.  As we all hope to more into a more socially together world in 2021, henna artists will be in demand as more people will want to seize the day, live the moment, be wild and experience new things!