Who Is Henna Art?

Who is Henna Art? That is a great question. Henna Art is the work of a few individuals working hard to bring your henna needs to life. 

Nitasha, is the owner of Henna Art. She initially brought Henna Art to life with a passion and love for henna. She started the business in 2007 incorporating parties, fairs and products together to create the business. Not only is Nitasha a henna expert, she is also a wonderful mom and wife.

Heather, is the social media and products manager. She is the girl behind Nitasha, helping with all product related inquiries, processing and shipping of items as well as doing all social media including but not limited to the blog, website, Facebook and Instagram. Heather loves interacting with everyone on social media and is more than happy to answer any and all of your questions. She is a mother of 1 son and 2 fur babies and married to her lovely husband.

Although during the pandemic we have not offered any services, Henna Art is supported by an amazing team of artists you might meet at your next local market, festival, or party. We hope to get on with henna gigs starting Fall 2021.  

So if you were wondering who Henna Art is, this is who we are in a nutshell!!