Henna Art = Body Art

Henna art is a form of nonpermanent body art. This form of body art has a rich history that dates back over 5000 years. Henna art has grown and evolved throughout the years to what it is today, but the rich history makes for the intricate designs that there are today.

It is thought to have originated in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East; its exact origins are unknown. First used as protection against the sun in the hot desert to help cool themselves; it soon evolved into delicate designs adorned by brides and grooms on their wedding day covering their hands, arms, legs and feet. Soon traditions began and they involved this beautiful tradition of artistry. Today henna art is used for many different purposes though the traditions are still there. Today many use henna as a form of body art to express themselves, while others still uphold the ancient traditions of henna art for their wedding days. Henna art has evolved throughout the years to incorporate more modern artistry but has also kept the ancient traditions and artistry alive.

This form of temporary body art is great for anyone who wants a little bling on their body to children wanting to have some fun to traditions being upheld. Body art does not have to be permanent like ink tattooing, this can be a great alternative to it. This form of body art allows the person to experiment with different designs as often as they like without the permanence of having an ink tattoo. The ability to express oneself is amazing along with the ability to keep changing it up after only a few weeks is exhilarating.

Experience the ability to express yourself in a different way with henna body art. Have fun while immersing yourself in the culture.