Love is in the Air - It's February the Month of Love


Love is in the air. February is here. The month of love. So we want to share a little love with you this month. Give back to you, the ones that make us so great!

We want to hear from you, our valued and loyal followers. We want to know your love of henna. What made you fall in love with henna to begin with? Why do you keep coming back to it? What is your favorite thing about henna? Send us an email at or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram telling us all about your love of henna. We will be compiling all of the love in a blog post later this month, along with our love of henna as well. Send the love. Share the love.

Also this month we will be putting on an Hennagua Paste Making class. This will be a free virtual class on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 7pm MST. This class is perfect for anyone, beginner or advanced, to help get your paste making skills started or perfected! To register please go to our website

Want us to share more love? How about $0.75 off all cones this month? Umm yes please! Place your order for cones, we've got lots, and get your henna on!

New product announcement! Bulk henna kits. Bulk henna kits consist of one premade 250g henna paste (made with jamila henna powder and eucalyptus essential oil) in carrot bags and 15 empty henna cones for you to fill to your hearts content. This is a great way to make your own cones and freeze and use as needed. One final love for you all to enjoy!