Traveling with Henna

Did you know that our henna paste has decorated the backs, bellies and shoulders of all sorts of people all throughout South America?

The reason is because a dear client of ours has taken henna cones on her work and pleasure trips all around the globe.  Tomorrow, our friend leaves for Mexico.

For those of you who have traveled to Mexico, know that it is not a henna using culture.  You will see the occasional henna tattoo artist on the beaches of Playa Del Carmen or Isla Mujeres giving designs of dolphins, hibiscus, and dragons.  But those who are aware of natural henna also know that these artists are using the nasty PPD based henna paste, which is actually no less than simple black hair dye in a jacquard bottle.  STAY CLEAR OF THESE HENNA TATTOOS.  Remember, henna is NEVER black.

So say you want to go to Mexico, or Brazil, or someplace warm and want to take some henna with you.  How do you take it with you?  Here are a list of tips and tricks to make traveling with henna safe and fresh.

The best way of course would be to purchase the supplies and make your own paste when you get to your destination.  A Beginner DIY or Pregnancy DIY kit would be perfect, since it includes everything you need to make and apply henna (minus lemon juice and sugar).  However, for those who are just out for a short visit on the white sands of Tulum, or energetic scenes of Cancun, a pre-made cone is the way to go.  

When traveling with henna paste, be sure you have a list of ingredients attached to the paste (on the cone or on the bottle).  Be sure that the quantity is also written on there.  And if you are under 100 mL, you can actually keep the paste with you in your carry on. 

If you must pack the paste into your suitcase, be sure you have it in multiple bags.  The last thing you want is for the fresh henna paste to ooze all over your new pink bikini!  If you can, put the paste into a box.  This will protect the paste from the wear and tear that your luggage will go through during flights and customs.

Be sure that you are only taking a small amount with you.  You do not want to be stopped at the borders because of suspicion that you are importing or exporting henna paste for commercial reasons.  A few henna cones is fine, but try to hold your henna urge and do not take a case of henna with you to Mexico!

Try to pop your cones into the freezer before you head off.  If the cones are frozen, they will hold onto their freshness a bit longer.  Yes, there will be some condensation when the paste thaws out, but just wrap your cones in lots of paper towels to suck up all the condensation. 
Finally--be ready to store your henna paste properly when you arrive at your destination.  Keep it in the freezer.  If you do not have a freezer in your hotel room, keep it in a bucket of ice in the fridge.  Use up the henna quickly!  Decorate yourself and your friends, and even random strangers on the beach. 

The hardest part of having henna on a tropical getaway is keeping the henna on your skin long enough to let it stain.  So try to do your application in the evening or night time.  And stay away from chlorinated water.  If you must go for a swim within 24 hours, try using an aftercare balm on your henna design to help the stain last long. 

And if you are too lazy to do this on your own, book a henna session with a local artist and get some natural henna body art done before you leave for your trip.  Treat yourself!  Travel safe!