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Using henna and indigo to dye gray hair

The title says it all!  But this photo tutorial may help you calm your nerves about using henna and indigo to dye your hair.  Get away from chemical hair dyes and use natural ingredients to dye your grays!  Here it goes!

First, you have to start out with some gray hair.  There are many different reasons why hair goes gray--because of age, diet, stress or even hereditary.  It is a natural process of the human cycle and will probably happen to you sooner or later.

Next, you should determine what proportions you should be using of henna and indigo.  You can determine this by taking a look at our handy-dandy chart in A Guide to Healthy Hair.  Download the e-book and you will learn about henna and indigo, and also about using cassia and amla for your hair, so you can get away from using chemical hair dyes.    Our model needed a proportion of 1 part henna to 2 parts indigo.  {a part can be any size--100 grams, 20 grams, a cup, a table spoon, etc}

You should first prepare the henna accordin…

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