Will Henna Make my Hair Fall Out?

Healthy, hennaed hair after 6 months
Henna will not make your hair fall out!  That is a common misconception people have, but it is false!  Henna actually makes your hair stronger and shinier!  The reason henna dyes the hair and skin is because it contains a tannin.  A tannin is an astringent, and the use of henna helps tighten the surface of the scalp, strengthens the follicles' grasp on each hair, thus making your hair stronger.  Henna penetrates the hair shaft, strengthens it, smooths the cuticle, thickens and volumizes the hair, and makes your hair more resistent to breakage.  

Some people who dye their hair with henna notice increased shedding.  This is because of two reasons.  One--there is noticeable shedding if your hair was lighter, and you have dyed it with henna.  This makes your hair darker, and you begin to notice the shedding of your hair.  Each day, everyone sheds between 75-200 hairs.  A darker hair color makes this shedding more visible.  Another reason one may notice increased shedding is after the first application, you are strengthening your hair.  The hairs you notice would have loosened into your hairbrush or shower.  These are just your weak hairs falling out, as henna cannot cause additional healthy hair to fall out.  

On the other hand, you may actually notice less shedding after multiple henna applications.  Henna thickens and increases volume in the hair by giving it strength. It protects the hair shaft and follicle, promoting healthy and strong hair. 

Skip the drug store dye in a box, and go natural with henna for hair!  Photo shown is the result of hair after 6 months use of our Raj henna for hair. 

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