Henna Art and One! International

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing weekend!

Just wanted to share a great organization with all of you.

On Saturday night, Henna Art was at the ONE! International Charity Gala and we were honored to be there supporting the cause and provide henna to willing participants! As we did henna on many people, we listened to the speeches by the presenters and watched as the whole audience skyped on a large screen with students, families and teachers in India who thanked One! International on how their lives have impacted each other. It was a moving experience hearing directly from the children on how their lives have changed through the organizations support.

One! International is a volunteer organization working toward the betterment of life in Mumbai (Bombay), India. It is a non-governmental (non-profit), non-sectarian organization that depends on financial support primarily from individuals as well as businesses and other organizations. Here is there webpage if you would like to support them! http://one-international.com/

Take care,

P.S. Here are some of the art we did!