Doing Henna for the First Time

There is a first time for everything right?  Well, after seeking inspiration from our artists, these friends of our have finally tried henna for the first time.  Read some tips on doing henna body art for the first time.

TIP 1:  Have all your supplies on hand BEFORE you begin your henna session.  Some basic supplies you will need are paper towels, cotton balls, q-tips, design ideas, sugar and lemon juice sealant, and of course, fresh henna paste in applicator bottles or henna cones.  (sugar and lemon sealant--1 part sugar + 2 parts lemon juice)

TIP 2:  Have a picture or draw a sketch of the design you want to apply.  It is always easier as a beginner to have an idea of what you want to do before you start doing it.

TIP 3:  Have lots of patience.  Apply your design with patience.  Wait until your design has dried completely before trying to move.  When your design has dried, apply the sugar-lemon sealant and wait a little longer for that to dry as well.  

TIP 4:  Leave your design on your skin for as long as possible.  Cover your design with a paper towel or tissue and then wrap with plastic.  NEVER put plastic directly on your henna design!  This will make your design smear and smudge when you sweat.