Getting the Details

The trademark of a good henna artist is the clarity of the work, the precision of the lines, and the creativity of henna designs.

While some henna artists have lower rates or their services, it does not mean that they are any better or worst than others.  If you want to check out the work of a henna artist, ask him or her to send you close ups of their work.  In there, you will be able to see the clarity, precision and creativity that you should search for.

Brides, beware--many artists out there just steal photos from the internet and claim it as their own work.  Ask the artist to send you a close up of their work.  If they did the job, they should have a close up image of their work.  If the image is not clear (too pixelated, or low resolution), then insist you get a better picture or a free consultation.  Do it.... it's your day.... it's your body!