May is Morocco Month

This month we will be focusing on some goodies from Morocco.

First, a little bit about Morocco

For those of you who don’t already know, Morocco is a country on the continent of Africa.  Its culture, tradition and history relate it closer to the countries of the Middle East, so sometimes it is forgotten as an African country.  It has an approximate population of 32 million in about 710,850 squared kilometers. 

With its close relation to the culture and traditions of Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Mauritania, it is part of the “Maghreb” region.  Most Moroccans speak Moroccan Arabic and Berber, while French is also widely spoken in larger cities. 

Geographically, morocco has a coast on the Atlantic ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean sea.  It is bordered by Spain (north), Algeria (east), and the Sahara (west).  Because of its diverse geography, Morocco is able to offer valuable resources to the world, that have recently been discovered and exploited.  

A large part of Morocco is covered by the Atlas mountains, located mainly in the center and south of the country, and the Rif mountains, located in the north of the country.  It’s wide range of climate also adds to the biodiversity of the country. 

Morocco is rich with culture, history, and traditions.  It offers a distinct experience for any traveler, and gives the world a wide range of natural resources that we should be grateful for!
In the weeks to follow, we will discuss the following resources derived from Morocco:

Henna, Rhassoul Clay, Argan Oil, Rose oil and water.

And some Moroccan henna fun!