Rhassoul clay--May is Morocco Month

Rhassoul clay (Moroccan lava clay) is derived from the Atlas mountains.  It has been used for centuries by the population of North Africa as a mask, exfoliant, and hair conditioner. It is also known as ghassoul, Moroccan clay, red clay, red Moroccan clay, or oxide clay.

It is a fantastic facial mask, helping clean out pores, tighten the skin, reduce dryness, and improve clarity and elasticity.  It is rich in magnesium (21%) and silica (about 55%), while also containing iron, calcium, and potassium.  The use as a facial mask helps draw out impurities, reduce redness and swelling, while toning and firming the skin. 

Let’s talk about how to use this magical clay, which is available for purchase under $10.00 on our website: www.HennaArt.ca

Mix 1 table spoon of Rhassoul clay with warm water or rose water until it is the consistency of a thick paste.  Mix thoroughly. 
(optional) Add 4-6 drops of essential oils of your choice (tea tree for acne, lavender for sensitive skin, rose for aging skin, or ylang ylang for combination skin).  Mix again.
Apply an even layer on the face, avoiding areas around the eyes and mouth. 
Let the mask dry on your face completely (approximately 15-20 minutes)
Wash off with warm water.

Mix 2 teaspoons of rhassoul clay with water until it is a thick paste. 
Apply to the face and gently scrub the skin in circular motion
Wash off with warm water.

Here are some comments from people who have used the clay:
Totally awesome! I made face mask with this clay, once a week since a month now, and my skin feel fresh, not irritated and so soft! It's perfect for sensitive skin liked mine. I just can't stop using it!

I just love this clay! I tried it as a face mask and the results were amazing. It cleaned up my pores and left my skin soft, smooth and toned.

This is an amazing clay. I make my mask mixing this clay with hemp oil, rose water and a combination of my favorite essential oils. I am very satisfied with the results and the clay.

This Moroccan Clay is spectacular ! It really stimulates the circulation, exfolliates & energizes the skin, when used as a masque with other ingredients. It is one of the main components in my Biblical historical masque that I love!

For the skin, as is, mixed with a floral water, it is very effective : closes the pores, deeply cleans and tones. It never leaves to the skin a dry feeling. This is one of the best products for all types of skin.