Full story on Dimple!

Full story?  Yes indeed.... If you missed the half story, check it here:  Dimple's Bridal Henna

It started off with a phone call from a very panicked person.  She called all the numbers we have listed, and emailed all the addresses available... just to find a bridal henna artist for her wedding in June 2012.

Alas, I was able to give Dimple a call back, help her relax a bit, and answer some questions....

Are you available for June 28th?  Can I book a consultation?  When can we meet?  What types of styles do you do?

It was quite nice to be able to answer someone's questions.... mind you, I enjoy answering questions, but never do I like answering questions that begin with "what do you charge?" Well, I charge what is fair for the quality of service I give you.  My rates are such that you are guaranteed results.

Results.... and great results!  Everything from the consultation to the aftercare is well thought out and well planned.  You, the bride, will never have to worry about a last minute cancellation, bad henna, late artist, or anything quirky that usually happens at weddings.

Relax and enjoy!  Your big day is coming up!

And so Dimple did, indeed, relax!  She booked her services with me in March 2012 for her June wedding.
With a last minute outfit change, I was unable to match the glitter and stone accents to the tee, but we worked with what we had.  I had a great time working with and doing Dimple's bridal henna, as well as henna for her family.  I cannot express how lucky I was to be part of their celebration!  We laughed a lot, and time flew by!

A special thanks to Lloyd of Night and Day Photography for capturing the moments!