Celebration Henna

Our wedding season for 2012 kicked off with celebrations.  Sometimes, instead of having a full on wedding, couples end up eloping.  That not only saves them time, money and stress, but also allows the couple to have a “wedding” as they wish, without the roar and scare of a huge ceremony and reception.  Other times, couples go to destinations for their weddings.  And on the rare occasion that the bride and groom’s family don’t live close by, the couple travels to the family for the wedding celebrations.  

Our wedding season for 2012 started on March 22nd, when we were invited to apply henna on the friends of a young girl who was getting married where her parents live…. in India.  The small,  intimate party was a calm way to kick off our season.  At Sonia’s wedding celebrations, her close friends gathered to wish her luck and take part in the traditional henna ceremony.  As a tradition, close family and friends gather a couple of days before the wedding ceremony to celebrate the occasion.  While the bride has an intricate design applied on her arms and legs, the friends and family partake in the tradition as well by applying designs on their hands.  At this particular celebration, Sonia also invited a couple of male friends, including her husband-to-be.  While the husband to be didn’t get any henna done, we had the opportunity to apply a tribal design on Sonia’s other male friend.   

A few days after Sonia’s celebration, we had the opportunity to take part in a private session for two lovely ladies that were celebrating a cousin’s wedding.  The wedding was held in Calgary, and the girls couldn’t make it for the henna party, so they decided to get their henna done in Edmonton.  With their love for henna, they both got a fairly full design on the backs of their hands as part of the wedding celebration.