Organic Rajasthani Henna

Henna powder from the Rajasthan region of India is a premium quality henna powder.  Free of pesticides, and now certified organic, our Raj henna powder is the most popular powder for body art and natural hair dye.  

Because of low rainfalls, and drought seasons, Rajasthani henna produces high dye content (lawsone molecule), thus, is the best to use for body art.  The natural stringiness of Rajasthani henna make for smooth applications, and our fresh henna powder ensures great stain quality. Indian henna is bright green in color, and has a distinct smell like hay and grass.

Rajasthan's henna growing regions get less than 40 cm of rain per year.  When the monsoon season brings less rains to Rajasthan, the henna crops grow smaller, however, have a higher dye content.  The henna plant does not require extensive watering or irrigation, thus making it appealing for many farmers. Because of low skilled labor required to grow and harvest the henna plant, many farm based families can sustain themselves.  Women are usually responsible for weeding and harvesting, while men take care of soil preparation and transportation.  Every part of the henna plant is utilized.  The leaves are dried and milled into henna powder for body art and hair; the flowers are gathered and pressed for perfume oil, and the twigs are used to feed the cattle.  Thus, farmers in India regard the henna plant as a desirable crop, as well as part of their heritage. 

Not only does our Raj Henna Powder come from the region of Rajasthan, but the word "Raj" means rule in Hindi.  Rajasthani henna is one of the superior hennas in the world and a favorite at Henna Art! 

You can now pre-order a kilo of Raj Henna from the 2012 crop at a discounted rate (only $4.50 per 100 grams/$45.00 for a kilo) .  Pre-orders will be accepted until December 10th and shipped out by December 15th.