Wedding Season 2012--Horrors from the Past

This series of blog posts features weddings from 2012.  Stay tuned every Monday and Thursday to see what we have been up to this year with weddings.

Usually, in the summer, we focus primarily on summer parties and private events, with an occasional festival or fair.  This year, we decided to pay a little more attention to the wedding season, considering some of the horror stories we heard last year.  

Last year, while doing a few weddings, we had the opportunity to hear brides, and families and friends, all talk about things ranging from bra straps to hors d'oeuvre to the best vodka and so much more.  One of the common stories we heard was about weddings from the past… a friend or cousin’s wedding, or weddings that would always be memorable.  And of course, among those stories were horror stories of a failed henna night, or stainless mehndi, or even the “blobs of green paste on the skin in lines.”

As if it wasn’t enough stress for the bride to go through a wedding with 400 of her and husband-to-be’s closest family and friends, the bride now had the stress to worry about her henna.  And it didn’t just stop there!  There were henna failures and horrors with the family celebrations.

Traditionally, as you know, henna has been used during time of celebration, so of course, there is always a henna party with the family and friends.  But what happens when your henna night as turned into a nightmare?  Some of the stories we heard included stories of artists not showing up on time, or not at all!  In other circumstances, the artist would show up, but would work so slowly that nearly half of the guests could not get the henna done during the evening.  

Another story, and common one with weddings, was about how an artist was hired by the groom’s side of the family.  They saw an online ad the artist had posted and saw the amazing henna photos that she put on there, and with low rates, they hired her immediately!  Little did they know… the henna designs were just stolen images (the first few that come up in a google search) of henna work from popular artists.  Not only was the artist unable to apply the designs as shown in the photos she posted, but she was also inefficient in application techniques and lacked professionalism.  At the end of the evening, the artist would leave with her payment for her so called services and a bad reputation, while the family was bitter, angry and gossipy about the artist.  And that would leave us with another story to add to our book of horrors.  

After hearing one horror story after another, our team made the decision and commitment to provide the best professional henna services for the bride and families in 2012.  Our commitment and promise of service and professionalism gave us plenty of fruit.  To date, Henna Art (Edmonton team) has provided henna and bridal services for over 25 weddings this year, and we are looking forward to more next year!