B-K Wedding

grams of henna paste
invited guests
beef samosas
hours of henna-ing
talented henna artists

When you are with a group of people for more than three hours, especially at a wedding, you basically become part of the family!  The Henna Art Family became part of the Kasamali and Bhojani family back in June.  Our team did the bridal henna, bridal party, and groom’s wedding party for the Rose’s June 2012 wedding.  Rose had her bridal henna done on May 31st, along with a small henna party for her close family and friends.  On the same day, Zeeshan’s family and close friends had their henna done, while also taking part in traditional ceremonies.  The following day, the Henna Art team provided henna services for more of the weddings guests as we enjoyed the ambiance and hospitality of both families at the Sawmill Banquet Centre in Edmonton.  The catering and food was awesome, along with the tea and chocolates.  We applied henna, sprinkled glitter, and laughed a whole lot at the B-K wedding.  

One of the best things about it for the bride was that it was all hands free and stress free for her.  She set a budget for the henna, and let our wedding consultant plan the rest of it.  As part of the package, instead of applying glitter and stone accents the day of her henna, Rose opted for bling the evening of her henna party and wedding day.  

After 30 combined hours of henna application (including a 6 hour traditional bridal henna application), the Henna Art Team just became part of the family!  Their energy, hospitality and respect will be something that we will never forget and will forever be thankful for the B and K families for having us be part of their celebrations!