Crafty Bride

With wedding season in full bloom, we were excited for the different people we would work with in the months to follow.  Of all the brides we meet, Lily was special.  Her wedding with Dameon was special in many ways.  First, Lily, from a non-henna culture, got non-traditional henna done for the ceremony.  Secondly, the couple together, made their center pieces and designed their own costumes.  With a passion for Celtic warrior, the couple’s wedding was just as they wanted it!  They also kept in dietary conditions and personal morals in mind when planning the wedding, with vegetarian and vegan food options.  You can see some photos of Lily’s Celtic and tribal inspired henna application at the end.  

It’s easy to do some crafts for your wedding if you have a little bit of patience and help.  More and more brides are trying to save money by opting for do it yourself decorations and favors.  While this is something that is becoming trendy in making sure you have a completely unique wedding, it also requires a lot of planning.  If making wedding decorations is not your cup of tea, try to meet with a wedding planner or event decorator to get your wedding customized.  You can also talk to our consultants about wedding favors that are all natural and vegan.  We offer handmade soaps, lip balms, and bath salts as our product line, and can easily customize and create packages for your wedding favors or bridesmaids (or groomsmen’s) gifts.