How much is it worth?

“I would never hire her!  She walked out of that wedding charging twice what she quoted for the bridal henna and about $500.00 for the guests!  She charged a thousand dollars for the whole deal!”

That was one of the first sentences out of Iffy’s mouth at her consultation.  She was incredibly displeased with a recent wedding she went to where an artist cheated out the family and overpriced everything for the henna—walking out with a $1000.  Aside from the shock and disappointment from this particular artist (Edmontonians, beware!  Her name begins with a R), Iffy was also in a bit of panic.  Her wedding was coming up next month and she had not booked a henna artist for her bridal henna or her friends and family.  To add to the stress, she also needed to pack all of her things and move to Calgary—a last minute change in plans with her husband to be.  And to top everything off, she needed to find a job in Calgary so she could continue working after moving there.  Under all that stress, you would expect a very tough bride to work with, but Iffy was just the opposite!  She was so relaxed about her wedding that it made us wonder what she was eating and drinking (just kidding)!

Her bridal henna application was easy as pie.  She was such a delightful person to work with—very easy going and relaxed.  Her henna party was intimate with just a few close friends and family.  As part of the tradition, her sister-in-law came to Iffy’s house during her henna party with gifts and wedding trousseau.  Iffy’s trousseau had beautiful traditional attire in bright colors with intricate embroidery and bead work.  Her sister-in-law also brought along Iffy’s wedding attire.  In most Muslim cultures, the groom provides for the bride’s wedding attire for the day of the wedding, down to the panties and perfume.  We didn’t ask Iffy, if that’s what she got, but the beautifully packaged clothing and colorful jewelry made nothing else matter.  

Iffy’s henna stain turned out beautiful for her wedding day, which was very important to her.  As the superstition  goes, the darker your henna stain, the longer the love between you and your husband.  RetrospektPhotography captured Iffy’s henna stain and her beautiful wedding, which you can see below.  
Stain on Day 1