Two weddings and a bald head

The mother of the bride often gets left out of getting henna done because she is so busy with the guests, entertaining, and taking care of her daughter’s needs.  It was important for Shazana to make sure her mother-in-law, who has taken the role of her mother, got the best henna treatment.  Although Shazana was having a completely Canadian ceremony, she decided to incorporate some of the traditions from her Malaysian background.   

One of those traditions, of course was the henna ceremony.  Our team had the opportunity to do Shazana’s bridal henna and wedding party.  With a few too many drinks in some of the guests, we had a hoot trying to do henna on tipsy women who were getting henna done for the first time.  

While one artist was busy doing henna for giddy, henna virgin women, another artist was busy doing henna for supportive women.  Diane invited her friends for an evening of snacks and henna.  This small celebration was in part a thanks from Diane to her family and friends for the tremendous amount of support they provided her while she was overcoming cancer and going through chemotherapy.  

Since chemotherapy kills many cells in the body, it also makes a person lose hair.  In support of her bald head, Diane’s husband shaved his head off and became Diane’s twin.  When it came time for the henna party, Diane’s husband supported her by sporting an abstract tribal dragon henna design on his head, while Diane endulged in a beautiful henna crown.  Since no one else had bald heads, our artist adorned the guests with traditional and contemporary henna designs on the body.  

We said two weddings and a bald head.  That’s right!  Our power team did a second wedding the same day as Shazana’s henna party (and a birthday party as well).  This wedding was luckily just wedding henna for the groom’s family.  They decided at the very last minute to book our services for henna, and boy were they lucky that there was an artist available at 9:00pm.  

All in all, the day was incredibly busy for us all but we really enjoyed every bit of it!