A Henna Artist's Bag

There are a bunch of things I carry around in my bag.  Not just an ordinary bag, but my henna bag.  It's a pretty big bag with 6 interior pockets and two exterior pockets.  The inside of the bag is big enough to fit a 2 inch binder (that has all my designs), my laptop (for all those important notes and meetings), a medium size tupperware container (for the super-awesome, dark staining henna cones), and a roll of Bounty paper towels ( to clean up messes and for during henna applications).  Aside from the inside of my bag, there are lots of little things that are in the pockets of my bag.

A-Tissues--I always prefer Puffs brand--soft for my nose!

B-An awesome looking roll of tape--just in case the henna paste from one of the cones tries to escape it's conical shape.

C-a BIC mechanical pencil--aren't number 2 pencils a bit overrated?

D-A medium tip sharpie--to leave nice notes or scratch out something.  Also used to make signs every once in a while when we forget something

E-A dips chocolaty granola bar--gives a burst of energy and also contains hunger during five hour parties when food is not offered!

F-A pack of eclipse chewing gum--to fight bad breath from the delicious samosas

G-an allergy pill to stay sniffle free at parties with fuzzy guests

H-Vegan lip balm in an oval container so it doesn't roll off the table

I-mini-lotion in rose fragrance

J-USB drives to store fantastic henna photos and contracts

K-business cards that haven't been filed, scanned, or thrown away

L-lemon and sugar solution--good thing I always ask for a bowl so guests don't have to see this bottle

M-a handmade (by me) vegan, solid lotion bar--for sale soon

N-Henna Art's henna aftercare instructions with a 10 % coupon on the back.  If only the guests would read this BEFORE asking how to care for their design

O-ziplock baggie filled with cotton balls--note to self:  replenish stock of cotton balls soon

P-A pair of scissors

Q-black gel pens--Correction, FOUR black gel pens, because I'm always afraid I'll run out of ink while being inspired and drawing something magnificent!

R-A pretty spring paisley printed wallet with extra business cards and a bus ticket.

S-half used pack of Dentyn Ice Pure--to fight off the garlic breath of the meatballs or whatever other goodies a hostess provides

T-A small little binder clip--when I put this on the top of a henna cone, it helps tighten the cone up so I don't have to apply so much pressure when the cone is nearing its end.

U-tip money that I have forgotten to take out!