Erika Love

Meet Love.

Free-Spirit.  Loving Soul.

My artist name is Love, and I love designing Henna, as drawing is one of my many passions. I have been working with, and for, Henna Art in Edmonton, since November 2011, and I love every moment of it!

My favorite things to design are paisley patterns and mandalas, because I am very attracted to symmetry in art. I also enjoy abstract flowers and Aztec designs.  I started out working smaller events, which I enjoyed doing, private parties, and kids parties, but I think my favorite place to do Henna is at outdoor festivals.
Other hobbies of mine include: digital painting, digital design, and Singing (I have been song-writing for almost 10 years).

I am outgoing, fun, weird, and adventurous; I love to meditate and learn about healthy foods (organic, superfoods and local gardening) awesome alternatives, re-usable methods, growing food, using all natural products, and encouraging people to work with mother earth.  We are a battery being charged and charging the earth (little love metaphor).

Everyday I learn new ways to be Creative in a loving, fashionable, beautiful way. We are all blooming  flowers growing towards the warm sun, being protected by our mother, the Earth, and our father, the Sun.  Throughout the last few years, I have taken many steps towards self-learning, self-healing and self-understanding. Everything on the, "outside," is a reflection of what is on the, "inside," and I certainly am still learning everyday what this means. To love yourself is the biggest lesson of them all.

Learning to properly breathe changed my life.

Allowing me to directly communicate with my higher self, to help guide me through this lifetime.
My favourite colour is cobalt blue, because it has a lot of meaning to me, bringing in the element of water.

Close to the heart, I have my parents, family, and close friends.  I love meeting new people, and I find everyday to be a new adventure.

I have been self-employed since 2011, which means I work for myself: I have clients for dread lock work, French tutoring, digital design work, performing, singing, and Henna Art. And I LOVE what I do!