Difference between henna powders

We offer a variety of henna powders on our website.  This selection varies from season to season because of the availability of the products, the crop date, and our ability to import the henna from another country. 

Here is a small overview of the henna powders we do offer, and the difference between them.  The major difference is actually in the texture of the henna powder.  This difference is mostly noticed by professional henna artists.  So if you are using the powders for hair dye, you won't find much of a dye quality difference.  Remember, all of our powders are body art quality, meaning that they have a high lawsone dye content--good enough for hair dye. 

Below is a page from our FREE e-book A Guide to Healthy Hair.  You can download the ebook from our website:  http://www.hennaart.ca/Resources.html

Moor Henna:  An awesome henna powder from Morocco.  Moor henna is known for its quick dye release (this powder needs to sit in a warm spot for a minimum of 2-4 hours).  The Moroccan henna leaves your hair shiny and healthy, with a rich, and deep red tone.  The color of the dye will be bright at first, but will deepen and darken over the next 48-72 hours as the henna dye oxidizes.  We do not recommend freezing this paste and reusing it, so please prepare/purchase what is required for your hair type.   While this powder does have quick dye release, it also goes stale very quickly.  Recommended maximum time is 4 days if stored in the fridge.  

Raj Henna:  This henna comes from the Rajasthan region of India and is the most popular henna to use for hair and body art.  If you are trying to get shine and brightness in your dark to medium hair, this is the henna for hair powder for you!  This powder is recommended if you would like to achieve red undertones in your hair.  The Raj powder will slightly darken 48-72 hours after initial application.  Our clients have told us numerous times that their hair stays just as bright and dyed as the first day with this henna for hair powder.  The powder needs to sit in a warm spot for 6-8 hours before dye release can be achieved.  Prepare or purchase this henna for hair paste and store in the freezer for up to 6 months.

We now have organic Raj henna powder available!!

Purity Henna:
  A simple powder from Pakistan.  This powder is ideal for all hair types, from dark to blondes.  This powder, like our other powders, will give you strength and shine.  Use purity henna if you are a first time henna for hair user, if you have light hair, or if you are seeking a hint of red undertones in your dark hair.  This powder needs to sit in a warm spot for 8-10 hours before dye release.  This powder is ideal for thick applications, on very dry hair, and for use on a weekly basis.  Purchase or prepare this henna for hair paste and store in the freezer for up to 6 months.

H.A.R.T. Henna:  A mixture of Indian, Pakistani and Moroccan henna powders.  This is the powder that is used for our pre-mixed henna for hair paste (unless otherwise noted or requested).  When prepared, this henna for hair paste can be stored in the fridge for up to 4 days, and in the freezer for up to 6 months. 

All of our powders are fresh, pure, and body art quality henna powders.  They have been sifted multiple times at the mill in order to ensure there is no grit, dirt, or sand.  The result of our henna for hair powders can be seen three to four days after initial application.  The henna dye needs to oxidize over the course of 48-72 hours before the final stain can be determined. 

For natural hair dye, we recommend an application every two weeks for the first two months, and then a monthly touch up every 2-4 weeks depending on your hair growth.   The reason for this is to ensure a full coverage in the first two applications, and then a weekly/monthly root touch up as needed.

For warmer, browner tones, mix henna and indigo!  To tone down the red in henna, try mixing it with Amla.