Love for Essential Oils

Recently, I was invited to an Essential Oils workshop at Pixie Glass Works,  where I got to listen and learn about the smells and healing properties of essential oils, all the different types and how they help. This workshop was held by a very nice lady whom works for Doterra  an organic essential oils company, started in the U.S.
Did you know smell is the longest memory sense in our body?
We remember thoughts, moments, and clear visions from long ago with the help of our nose.
For example, Frankincense will help you remember old memories (rubbing it on the top pallet of your mouth), it is a natural antivirus, it can help your immune system, it helps with inflammation of the mouth and or feet, and it is a natural pain reliever.
We can use Lavender for cuts, internal pain, and burns.
If one has a urinary infection, or diarrhea, use cinnamon - 1 drop every 20 minutes.
Lemongrass is an extremely good pain reliever.
Citrus breathes happiness.
Anti-fungi oils include: peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and Cassia.
Cassia can help with heartburn, infections, diarrhea, boosting the libido, pms cramps, any kind of cramp, flu, gas, kidneys, and much more.
Helichrysum is an oil that with stop a cut from bleeding.
Many oils have many healing properties, and I would suggest some research for those who are interested. These magical plants turned into oil should be shared.
Essential oils are a foundation for health, nutrition, and digestion.
Overall, life changing oils for me would be: Frankincense, Cinnamon and lemongrass.