Organic Argan Oil

It's no secret argan oil is hailed as the next best thing since sliced bread.  Organic Argan oil is a relatively new product available in the cosmetic world.  However, why pay super high prices for something that is actually available at a more affordable rate?  Did you know that some retailers sell Argan oil for over $40 for an ounce?  Or they mix it with so many nasty ingredients that you aren't even getting Argan oil!

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Henna Art's organic Argan oil is free of any additives, preservatives, and chemicals.  It is USDA certified organic and available for purchase, locally in Canada.  You can use the argan oil to help tame some frizzy hair, or as a facial serum to heal the skin, even tones, hydrate and nourish.

Here are a couple of benefits of using Argan oil as a facial moisturizer:

 + Facial oil is a cost effective because you only use 1-3 drops per application which makes a bottle last for months.  In the Spring/Summer, just 1 drop could very well be enough to moisture your entire face and neck.

+ There is no need for preservatives in a pure natural oil so you don't have to worry about being concerned by the preservative system used like you would with a standard moisturizer/cream.

+ It's very easily absorbed into skin when applied to damp skin, despite what you may have always been told about avoiding putting oil on your face.  Not true!  Oil is great for skin.  Even oily skin.  Even problem skin.  And of course it's great for dry and sensitive skin.  Argan oil is a dry-er oil, so it doesn't feel that greasy to begin with!

+ Not just for skin!  Facial oils can also be used on the body...great for cuticles and hair too!

+ Mix in a couple of drops of rose, lavender, and/or frankincense oil into your argan oil.  All of these essential oils have wonderful healing properties and are great for the skin.

+Argan oil is super high in vitamin E.  It has also been used to help treat skin issues like eczema.

Be Organic.  Love Argan Oil.

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