Discounts Discontinued

In the years past, we have offered a 10% discount on the purchase of products and services for any student participating in a henna course, session, seminar, or workshop.

If it has been over a year since you have taken our course, your discount will be deactivated, on June 10th.  You can always get your 10% discount by using coupon code "ilovehenna."

Alternatively... you can also purchase an annual discount membership to save 20% on all purchases for 365 days.  The annual discount membership is ideal for professional henna artists, natural hair dye users, and those who are frequent service users.  You can save 20% on everything on our website (except clearance) when you purchase an annual discount membership.  The cost of this is just $35.00 and can be purchased here:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact us: