Products June 2013

As time goes by, we add more products to our product line and retire some other products. 

Here is a quick bi-annual update of the changes to our product line.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook to stay updated.  And don't forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter to get deals, news, and learn a little too! 

Organic Argan Oil--We were out of stock of this amazing oil for a little while, but now have it back in stock!  Use this oil as a moisturizer to give you smooth, bright skin without the heavy greasiness from other oils.  And did we mention it's ORGANIC?  Yes, Certified Organic Argan Oil.  Perfect for dry skin, eczema, damaged hair, and so much more!

We have changed the packaging to a taller, amber bottle, instead of the short, cobalt blue bottles.  The 1 ounce bottles are still blue--And will only sell until we have them in stock.  After that, we will not longer sell 1 ounce bottles of Organic Argan Oil.

Pre-Made Henna Paste for Body Art--We go through a lot of henna paste as we provide services for weddings, birthdays and private events.  And instead of having you fuss around with henna powders, essential oils and making a mess, we offer an 8 ounce carrot bag filled with henna paste.  The carrot bag allows you to transfer the paste into little bottles, or mylar cones.   We will still carry our pre-made paste, but now it's better with organic henna powder. There is also a slight increase in price.  We only go through and make small batches, so what we have in stock is what we have until we prepare another big batch of henna paste.  Remember, this paste needs to be filled into applicator bottles or cones and then frozen to maintain its dye quality.

Moor Henna--We are sad to talk about this particular henna.  Moor henna comes from Morocco and is known for its quick dye release.  However, because of increasing prices of henna powder, along with higher shipping prices and import taxes, we unfortunately have to say goodbye to this powder.  It was the best while it lasted, and we will only sell what we have left in stock!

We still have the fun glitters to poof onto wet henna to give it a nice sparkle, but now we carry more colors!  These are in stock for a limited time and the new colors are fabulous!  Head on over to our website and shop for henna supplies:

We now carry Organic Indigo powder for hair.  YAY!

Don't forget our handmade soaps.  These are only available for a limited time so hurry and get your bars!!!  They are constantly on sale so you will get a great bargain!