Saherish-Let's try this a second time

May 30th was a Thursday this year.  And all day Thursday, I thought it was May 31st.

So, as my usual bridal Thursday routine, I relaxed a bit during the day for a fun, but hardworking evening. (keep reading to the end)

Although it was raining in Edmonton that day, when I arrived at Saherish's residence, the first sight was a cute, blooming cherry blossom tree.  Most of the cherry blossoms are done blooming here now, but it was a great sight to see this one still in bloom.

Back to bridal henna.....

I rang the doorbell and Shaima (mother of the bride) answered the door.  I was about to walk in when I got a  "what are you doing here?" look.  I hesitated and said, "I'm here for Saherish's mehndi," before her look turned into a verbal question.  She said...'s not until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is June 1st and we booked for the 31st.

Right, the 31st is tomorrow.


Yeah.  Today's the 30th!


Well, if you come in, and while you are here, can you do my henna, since I won't have time tomorrow?


and then I proceeded to do henna for the sister of the bride.

My evening, which started off as a trip to do bridal henna then turned into me doing some henna for the mother of the bride, sister of the bride, and a couple hours later, some of my favorite clients!  It all ended with an empty cone and a great laugh!

And then on Friday, May 31st, I woke up being certain that today was the day to do Saherish's bridal henna.

I had a great time sharing laughs with the family and the beautiful bride!

Congratulations Sahreish!  Hope your new adventures with the hubby and Montreal are amazing!

Saherish's palms feature my favorite elements... paisleys!  The design is Indo-Arabic in nature, and contains lacy elements that are typical of bridal henna.  Can you find the initials DM?  They are hidden in the palms as a way for Saherish's hubby to find the night of their marriage.

I absolutely LOVED doing her feet design!  It's dainty, floral, intricate, and pleasing to the eyes!  It's not too full and has lots of negative/positive space incorporated in it.  It will look beautiful with bridal shoes and even flip flops!

Saherish's design on the backs of the hands is similar to her feet designs.  I did go back and connect both sides of the arms with lacy designs to make the entire bridal henna complete!

Love.  Henna.  Weddings.